Reopening Procedures & Protocols for our Indoor Facility

Taylor Tennis appreciates your cooperation in following the COVID-19 policies and protocols which have been put in place to protect members, lesson participants, staff, attendees and our community. Manitoba Health Guidelines must be adhered to at all times. Social distancing, mask wearing, sanitizing/washing hands often and other related practices which help to minimize health risks are in place as well as the protocols listed below. Non compliance will result in suspension from the facility.




  • All participants must monitor their health and follow the physical distancing guidelines 6 feet / 2 metres apart

  • MASKS MANDATORY EVERYWHERE! – Including while actively playing on an indoor court, per MB Government Health Regulations. (MASKS NOT REQUIRED WHILE PLAYING OUTDOORS)

  • Wash or sanitize your hands before and after play

  • Check-in with the front desk upon entry

  • Avoid touching surfaces such as net, etc., and do not share items such as towels or water bottles

  • Chairs, benches will not be permitted on the courts

  • Club ball machine/serving hoppers unavailable. Personal ball machines allowed.

  • Use your racquet or feet to return tennis balls to others

  • Stay on your side of the court. 


Please understand that Taylor Tennis is open under specific conditions and only limited activities allowed at this time.


As of June 26, 2021: 

Singles  & Doubles Play 


Lesson Coaching  

All courts and lessons Must be Pre-Booked through Taylor Tennis or directly with your coach.


Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be 24 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation fee.

  • Court Bookings: To cancel, call the club 24 hours in advance at 204-488-4480 or 204-489-5079.

  • Lessons: To cancel, email 24 hours in advance to:  taylortennisclub@gmail.com.

  • No cancellation fee if you cancel due to sickness.


Risk Assessment: Recognize that there are risks of being exposed to or contracting Covid-19 should you decide to enter the Taylor Tennis Club for the purpose of playing tennis. Inherent risk factors associated with tennis which should be considered include, but are not limited to, the following listed below:

  • Do not play if you are considered a vulnerable individual (elderly individuals, immunosuppressed persons, individuals suffering from serious health problems, notably high blood pressure, pulmonary diseases, diabetes, obesity and asthma)

  • Taylor Tennis is an indoor sport facility.  Indoor sports are considered more risky

  • Risk of transmission if another occupant, staff or tennis coach at Taylor Tennis is Covid-19 positive/contagious. 

  • Risk of touching a surface or tennis ball which is contaminated with covid-19. While there is still no evidence as to whether the virus can live on a tennis ball, we do know that contamination through respiratory droplets from one infected person to another can potentially survive on surfaces for up to three days.



  • Complete and Submit COVID-19 Pre-Screening Health Questionnaire - Required before EVERY visit

  • Do NOT come to play if you answered “Yes” to any of the Covid-19 pre-screening questions. Instead email us at info@taylortennis.ca or taylortennisclub@gmail.com to cancel

  • Complete and Submit Contact Information & Waiver Form - Required First visit only

  • Arrive only 5 minutes early! - You must remain in your car until then.

  • Arrive dressed - locker rooms not available (washrooms only)

  • Masks must be worn at all times while at the tennis club

  • Bring your own full water bottle, towel and hand sanitizer for while on court

  • Clean your equipment before and after 



  • Sanitize/wash your hands upon entry

  • Check-in with front desk 

  • Go directly and wait in the hallway behind your assigned court (as silently as possible)

  • Change shoes and hang coats on racks provided   

  • Mask must remain on at all times (indoors only)

  • Wait for the buzzer before entering court



  • Put bags/water bottles at the back of your side of the court (not at the net). At least 6 ft, from any other bags.

  • Allow time for prior players to gather their belongings before you put your items down

  • Mask MUST remain on at all times even when actively playing.

  • Stay on your side of the court.

  • Maintain 6 ft physical distance from others

  • Avoid touching your face after touching a ball or other surface.

  • Do not pick up another court’s ball, pass back with racquet or feet

  • At the buzzer, quickly gather your items and exit the court



  • Wash or sanitize your hands

  • Exit facility (no congregating/socializing in hallways or lobby)



  • No spectators permitted

  • No water fountain - bring a water bottle

  • Locker Rooms closed

  • Showers/sauna are closed

  • Washrooms are Open

  • No towel service

  • Upstairs lounge closed 

  • Water/powerade available for purchase at Front Desk



  1. You have traveled outside of Manitoba in the last 14 days except if you are exempt per the Province of Manitoba website.

  2. You are under direction to self monitor or self isolate

  3. You, or anyone in your household, are experiencing any cold/flu or COVID-19 symptoms (cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, weakness, headache, loss of taste or smell, vomiting or diarrhea, shortness of breath, respiratory issues or under medication for such)

  4. You or anyone in your household have been in close contact with anyone who has Covid-19 symptoms, who is awaiting Covid-19 test results, or who has been confirmed as Covid-19 positive


Please read and familiarize yourself with:

LATEST Manitoba Health Guidelines