INITIATION FEE:    A one time payment on joining

 Adult memberships                                                                                                        $275.00
 Family and Married Couple                                                                                           $350.00
 (Not applicable to Junior and Young Adult Memberships)

MEMBERSHIP MONTHLY DUES:    (based on a 12 month contract)


Adult                                                                                                                                  $83.00
Economy Frequent Player (unlimited court time during economy times)                   $175.00
Young Adult age 21-29                                                                                                    $50.00
Married Couple                                                                                                                 $135.00
Family includes children age 20 and under                                                                   $155.00
Junior Frequent Player age 20 and under                                                                      $65.00

          (includes a junior league during winter season and unlimited use of un-reserved 
          court time prior to 8 pm during winter season and one hour prior to closing in the

          summer season)

LOCKER MONTHLY FEES:      (based on a 12 month contract)
    Half Locker    $2.50/month        Full Locker    $5.00/month

    Adult                                                          $150.00/annum
    Married Couple & Family                         $200.00/annum
    Young Adult                                              $50.00/annum

**Initiation Fee and Food & Bar Assessment (where applicable) must accompany first month’s payment.

**Monthly membership payments are made by automatic bank withdrawal and require a void cheque when joining. A void credit card draft must accompany all membership contracts (to be kept on file for incidentals). We accept Visa and Mastercard.  
** Regular yearly membership commences the first day of the month of joining

    Prime Rate        $32.00 per hour per full court
    Econo Rate        $28.00 per hour per full court
    Summer Rate    $20.00 per hour per full court
            Summer rate is available anytime of day from May 15 – Sept 14. 

**Winter prime time hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-11am and 5pm-9pm, Friday 9am-11am, Saturday 9am-6pm, Sundays 9am- 4pm and Holidays 9am-9pm. Any time not mentioned is considered Economy rate.  


    First 3 Visits        $12.00 per person 
    After 3rd Visit      $30.00 per person
(Drop in fees DO NOT include court fees.  Court fees will be charged in addition to the drop in fee.)

Monthly & Weekly Memberships:   (No initiation fee or Food and Beverage fee)
-    Adult monthly membership: $145.00 per month or $40.00 per week
-    Family monthly membership: $245.00 per month or $70.00 per week
-    Young adult monthly membership (ages 21-29): $85.00 per month or $23.00 per week 

Summer Memberships: 
-    Summer Adult membership (21 years old +) $200.00 
-    Summer Family membership $475.00  
-    Summer Junior Frequent (20 years old and younger) $100.00 includes all court time if court is only booked same day.




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