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Taylor Tennis
Coaching Programs – Winter 2020  |  TAYLOR TENNIS, WINNIPEG, MANITOBA    |






•   age is based on child’s age by December 31st, 2019
•   groups have a maximum student/teacher ratio of 6:1

•   all programs are 13 weeks long
•   All programs start the week of January 13, 2019 and end by April 13, 2019 



Ages 3-5             $190.00 + gst = $199.50   (½ hour program) 
                            Wed 4:30–5pm

                            Thurs 4:30–5pm


Ages 6-10           $380.00 + gst = $399.00 (1 hour program)

                             Tues 5-6pm

                             Wed 5–6pm or 6-7pm

                             Thurs 6–7pm,

                             Sat 11–12pm or Sat 12-1pm,

                             Sun 2-3pm or 3-4pm

Ages 11-18            $380.00 + gst = $399.00 (1 hour program)
                             Tues 6-7pm

                             Thurs 5–6pm

                             Sat 10–11am or 1-2pm,

                             Sun 1-2pm or 4-5pm


Note: Classes may be canceled due to an insufficient number of students. Other class times may be set up
if there are a sufficient number of students interested. Classes will be set up with age and ability levels where possible.

Advanced Squads
•    groups have a maximum student to coach ratio of 4:1
•    Athletes level to be assessed by the director of coaching.
•    To take advanced, need to have skills for advanced competition.
•    programs and times available to be discussed
•    1 ½ hour programs only, 13  weeks program
•    Cost: $425.00 + gst = $446.25


Private Lesson’s
•    individual coaching (1 or 2 students max.)
•    one hour per week
•    may be arranged at any time with the program director
•    Cost: $76.00 + gst = $79.80

NOTE: Limited space available in certain program times---Sign up early!


Payment is due in full on or before the first day of the program.
If there is more than one child from the same immediate family, a discount of 10% will be given for each additional
child (for group lessons only!) Discount only applies to a full session price.
Late session starters will be charged 5% less for each week missed.


No Program Refunds. No Refund for missed classes and No credits will be given for the following session.

When possible, please give advance notice when unable to attend a class by sending an email to or by calling the Club at 488-4480 and leaving a message with the child’s name as well as the day and time of the class to be missed.



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