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Taylor Tennis
Coaching Programs – Fall 2018  |  TAYLOR TENNIS, WINNIPEG, MANITOBA    |






•   age is based on child’s age by December 31st, 2018
•   groups have a maximum student/teacher ratio of 6:1

•   all programs are 14 weeks long
•   All programs start the week of September 9, 2018 and end by December 1 6 , 2018
•   November 11th (Sunday) Remembrance Day – No Tennis


Ages 3-5                   $199.00 + gst = $208.95 
(1/2 hour program)  Wed 4:30–5pm, Thu 4:30–5pm


Ages 6-10                 $399.00 + gst = $418.95

(1 hour program)      Tues 5-6pm, Wed 5–6pm or Wed 6pm-7pm, Thurs 6–7pm, Sat 11–12pm or Sat 12-1pm,

                                   Sun 2-3pm, Sun 3-4pm

Ages 11-18                  $399.00 + gst = $418.95 
(1 hour program)       Tues 6-7pm, Thurs 5–6pm, Sat 10–11pm, Sat 1-2pm,

                                    Sun 1-2pm, Sun 4-5pm


Note: Classes may be cancelled due to insufficient number of students. Other class times may be set 
up if there are a sufficient number of students interested. Classes will be set up with age and ability levels where possible.

Advanced Squads
•    groups have a maximum student to coach ratio of 4:1
•    Athletes level to be assessed by the director of coaching.
•    To take advanced, need to have skills for advanced competition.
•    programs and times available to be discussed
•    1 ½ hour programs only, 14  weeks program
•    Cost: $450.00 + gst = $472.50


Private Lesson’s
•    individual coaching (1 or 2 students max.)
•    one hour per week
•    may be arranged at any time with the program director
•    Cost: $80.00 + gst = $84.00

NOTE: Limited space available in certain program times---Sign up early!
Payment is due in full on or before the first day of the program.

If there is more than one child from the same immediate family, a discount of 10% will be given for each additional child (for group lessons only!) Discount only applies to a full session price.

Late session starters will be charged 5% less for each week missed.

No Refunds. Additionally, No Refund for missed classes. However, depending on space availability, missed classes may be made up by attending a different class time. A maximum of 2 missed classed may be made up during the current session. No credits will be given for the following session.

When possible, please give advance notice when unable to attend a class by sending an email to or by calling the Club at 488-4480 and leaving a message with the child’s name as well as the day and time of the class to be missed.

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