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Beginner & Intermediate  (60 minute lesson)

•    Groups have a maximum student/instructor ratio of 6:1
•    Based on child’s age, as of December 31st, 2020
•    Each program includes 1 weekly lesson, which runs for
14 weeks
•    Programs begin: Saturday, September 12, 2020. Last lesson ends by: Thursday, December 17, 2020


Ages 6-8
1 hour lesson (14 weeks)   $ 420.00 + gst = $441.00 

Class times available:  

    Sundays             1:00-2:00pm    

     Tuesdays            5:00-6:00pm    

   Wednesdays      5:00-6:00pm 

   Saturdays        11:00-12:00pm

Ages 9-12
1 hour lesson (14 weeks)   $ 420.00 + gst = $441.00   

Class times available:

         Sundays             2:00-3:00pm        

     Wednesdays      6:00-7:00pm    

     Thursdays          5:00-6:00pm    

  Saturdays        10:00-11:00am

Ages 13-18
1 hour lesson (14 weeks)   $ 420.00 + gst = $441.00 

Class times available:  

       Sundays             3:00-4:00pm    

          Tuesdays            6:00-7:00pm        

       Thursdays          6:00-7:00pm    

   Saturdays           1:00-2:00pm



Advanced Squads  (90 minute lesson) 

1.5 hour lesson (14 weeks)   $525.00 + gst = $551.25

Class times available:

 Tuesdays            7:00-8:30pm

Thursdays          7:00-8:30pm
•    groups have a maximum student to coach ratio of 4:1
•    Skills for advanced competition required, level to be assessed and approved by coach


   Note: Classes may be canceled due to an insufficient number of students. Other class times may be set up if there are a sufficient number of students interested. Classes will be set up with age and ability levels where possible.

Semi Private & Private Lesson  (60 minute lesson)

1 hour lesson    $80.00 + gst = $84.00/hour

Class times available:

Various days/times available

 Program director will be in contact to arrange lessons

•   Individual coaching, student/instructor ratio of 1:1 or 2:1
•    Price reflects the total for one 1 hour lesson

Limited space available

   •   Registration is complete once form is submitted and payment is received (Fax, Email, in Person)

   •   Credit card information must be filled out for your spot in the program to be held (or cheque attached)

   •   Payment will be processed on the first day of lessons

   •   Late starts will be prorated at 5% less per week missed

   •   A 10% discount will be applied to each additional sibling who registers for a full session of 
       group lessons

   •   No Refunds for Programs after first day of classes or for missed classes

When possible, please give advanced notice when unable to attend a class by phoning the Front Desk 
at (204) 488-4480, or sending an email to lessons@taylortennis.ca, and leaving a

message with the child’s name, and the day and time of the class to be missed

Registration Form
Registration Form